DYNAMICS CAPITAL GROUP creates long-term wealth as well as short-term cash flow for real estate investors. DCG offers multiple opportunities for diversifying your investment portfolio through Real Estate Syndication or First Trust Deed investing. For over 35 years, we at Dynamics Capital Group have built our reputation as a trusted Real Estate Investment company in Southern California. We have an excellent track record of preserving investor capital and providing above average ROI. Our disciplined approach, industry and market expertise, and focus on value-add opportunities are at the core of our history of successfully delivering superior returns to investors. Today, our portfolio consists of approximately 80% multifamily, and 20% light industrial with a small number of SFR (1-4 unit) homes in the mix. We are actively buying mismanaged and/or distressed assets in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Oregon, and Texas.


Investment & Syndication

Commercial real estate investing is the fastest way to increase your net worth and income. We specialize in structuring Real Estate Syndications & First Trust Deed Investment vehicles.

Private Money Landing

Private money lenders are predominantly right for short-term fix and flippers who want to compete with the short timeline of an all cash buyer. Private loan lenders are also right for long-term investors.

Business Connections

Come network with our 2 business groups, refer businesses to each other and use each other for services when the need arises. It’s a free service and a great way to expand your real estate connections.


Each month, Dynamics Capital Group is proud to host The Smart Real Estate Investor seminars covering Commercial Real Estate topics while featuring some of the best experts in the industry.




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Our Achievements.

Dynamics Capital Group have built its reputation as a trusted Real Estate Investment company in Southern California.


Years in Business


Average Return


Million PAID to Investors


Our Team of DCG Professionals

CEO and President

Karim Jaude

For over 40 years Karim has developed, invested, financed, brokered, managed and consulted in real estate properties. He has built, remodeled, and converted properties for various uses in order to maximize the return on investment.

Vice President acquisitions

Zara Nguyen

Zara is in charge of locating and analyzing investment properties in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas. He communicates with lenders, property managers, Real Estate brokers and other professionals. In addition, he maintains and managing all current assets.

Attorney, Property Manager

Jared Karpel

Jared is a Managing Partner and In-House Counsel for K.I.G. Capital Management, a Property Management & Real Estate Investment Firm. Mr. Karpel is a former practicing California lawyer and current licensed broker.

Broker, Property Management – Texas

Janet King

Janet has over 30 years experience in acquiring, managing and selling properties in Dallas Texas. Her connections with developers, property owners and other real estate professionals has helped her to leverage some of the best real estate deals in the Texas market .

Broker, Property Management Arizona

Anthony DeAugutine

Anthony has over 16 years of property management experience. He’s the owner of Avant Garde where he serves as the President and Designated Broker. Prior to opening Avant Garde, Anthony was the President of Vim Residential Management, LLC.

"It is possible to write an entire book strictly singing the praises of Karim Jaude.  First and foremost, he is a man of the utmost integrity.  He’s consistently displayed the rare quality of putting the needs and interests of others before his own.  I’ve known him personally for over a decade and have had quite a few formal business endeavors with him.  Every experience with him would get an A+ in terms of how well our projects have performed his understanding of my own objectives and the quality of the other professionals he’s incorporated into the process of helping me.  I’m proud to call him my friend and lucky to consider him a mentor."
Corey Nathan, Los Angeles
"During the past three years I have purchased three properties in Texas and Colorado with the help of Karim Jaude. To this day, I have never personally been to Texas or Colorado. Karim’s all-inclusive service makes it really easy for busy investors like me. Karim and his team took care of every detail, including writing the sales contract, finding the right mortgage, overseeing the property inspection and ensuring timely closings. Most importantly, Karim was able to negotiate deals that caused immediate profits. On my last transaction in Colorado, the property that I purchased appraised $10,000 more than the sales price. I had already made $10,000 before the close of escrow."
Babak Moghaddam, Orange County

Our Advisory Board

RE Attorney

Bryan Mashian

Attorney Mashian has the skill, knowledge, experience and resources to handle even the most complex commercial real estate and legal challenges. He is highly respected by his peers in the legal community for his ability to get the job done.

CPA, Business Consultant

Dennis Duitch

Dennis has practiced public accounting, business management and consulting with an expertise in strategic & operations management, taxation, finance, accounting and general business matters for a wide spectrum of companies including the technology industry.

Security Attorney

Ara Babaian

Ara represents numerous clients in a variety of different industries, including Technology, Entertainment & Media, Real Estate, Health Care, Manufacturing & Distribution, Restaurant, Retail and Professional Services.

RE Attorney

Michael Homeier

Michael practices in the areas of general business, corporate, transactional and business financing law. For over 30 years, he has specialized in working in the corporate and business transactional fields, as in-house corporate counsel and with private law firms.

MAI Commercial RE Appraisal

Eric Garfield

Eric is licensed in several U.S. States as a Certified General Appraiser. As part of Andersen Tax Valuation Services Group, Eric’s expertise is founded in valuation for estate planning, estate tax and financial reporting.

Broker, Property Management, Arizona

Larry DeAugustin

Larry has extensive knowledge of the Real Estate industry with over 30 years of experience. Before joining the Avant Garde team, he owned & operated P & H Realty, Inc. where he served as the President/CEO & Designated Broke.

IT planning and Strategy, Texas

Carlos AbouJaude

Carlos Focus on SAP Cloud Solutions and integration between Cloud and on premise, Dallas/Fort Worth Area Global Lead for SAP Cloud solutions, Sales/CRM On Demand, Travel On Demand, By Design ERP/CRM.

"Seldom do you come across people of Karim Jaude’s caliber and character. Knowing Karim for over four years, investing with and learning from his profound real estate experiences, I have come to appreciate his market brilliance as well as admire his integrity and sincerity! I consider Karim my mentor, an excellent networking guru and above all, a true friend! I would recommend him with the highest regard and without reservation!"
Mark Fotohabadi, Orange
"Karim Jaude has had to make his fortune from scratch three different times in three different countries due to his dislocation from turbulent politics in the first two – Lebanon and Iran. Here in the USA, in two decades he has again risen to outstanding success – a tribute to his business acumen in general and his grasp in particular of what makes real estate investors into millionaires. He is a master of deal-making, both on the buy and on the sell."
Kevin Davis, Beverly Hills

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