Syndication Summit /Crowdfunding Conference

Each month, Dynamics Capital Group is proud to host The Smart Real Estate Investor seminars covering critical Commercial Real Estate topics while featuring some of the best experts in the industry.

For more than 20 years, DCG has been serving the commercial real estate community. We produce the acclaimed Syndication Summit/CrowdFunding Conference and The Smart Real Estate Investor seminars series, as well as quality investment real estate networking conferences and events.

Look for our upcoming schedule on How to Attract Overseas Capital and CrowdFinancing, as well as our conferences and seminars on timely topics in today’s real estate marketplace to help you reach your real estate and financial investment goals.

The future of commercial real estate investing and finance: equity and debt. For the past 11 years, DCG has produced the Syndication Summits/CrowdFunding Conferences, which is an all-day event held in Los Angeles. In these dynamic new conferences, you will be hearing from some of the top CrowdFunding experts and learn how the old methods of investing and financing commercial real estate are being transformed into an online CrowdFunding. Perhaps, even more importantly, you will be able to network with some key leaders in the real estate investment and financing community. Our Next Conference: How to Attract Overseas Capital, EB-5 Visa and much more.

The Smart Real Estate Investors Seminars

For over 20 years, DCG held The Smart Real Estate Investor’s monthly seminars on real estate investing, with different topics and different speakers/experts; designed to help our investors, business owners and professionals learn more about ways to increase their wealth, supplement and eventually replace their income through real estate investing.

"It was a great pleasure meeting you and your panel on Syndication Summit this week. I have attended many real estate seminars – this one was outstanding! The entire panel was very astute in Real Estate. Thank you very much for giving us, novices, the opportunity to learn from the best. I didn’t want it to end. With the information I gathered – the sky is the limit for me. What I liked the most was the round table: one-on-one opportunity with the industry leaders. I am looking forward to attending seminars covering foreclosures and how to contact/keep asset managers all over the country."
Nihan Bol, Keller Williams Realty, President’s Circle