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Self-Direct IRA

Turn your IRA and pension into a wealth-building machine and secure your future while avoiding the legal hassles. With a Self-Direct IRA you can invest your retirement funds when, where, and how you want. That allows you to create your financial future with the freedom to make choices with your retirement plans. Self-directed IRAs give […]

CrowdFunding in Today’s Economy

CrowdFunding is the updated internet version, of an activity that has been around, for more than 500 years. How it works: Collect funds from multiple people, the crowd, to support a project, or an effort, like publishing books, helping deserving people. Buying buildings or starting a company. This is what I have personally been doing […]

OPM – Other People’s Money

CrowdFunding is a new form of Syndication and it is the best source of lending or raising cash for your real estate deals. The more you learn to use other people’s money – OPM, the faster you will start to make money. The higher the return on the investment, the faster your money grows. Syndications […]

Effective Property Management Property Management can make or break your investment

A recent study by “The Property Management Journal,” found that only 3% of landlords really know how to effectively manage their properties. The other 97% manage by crisis, constantly reacting to problems, rather than planning, acting, and taking control for maximum profitability. Management, when handled properly, can be very rewarding and profitable. Sure, management can […]