OPM – Other People’s Money

CrowdFunding is a new form of Syndication and it is the best source of lending or raising cash for your real estate deals. The more you learn to use other people’s money – OPM, the faster you will start to make money. The higher the return on the investment, the faster your money grows. Syndications are like a snowball rolling down a steep hill! It grows amazingly fast. With that said, I encourage you to start investing and get the ball rolling.

The real estate market is cyclical, but history has taught us that investing in real estate is always a great decision for the long term. Today is no exception to the rule, despite what the media may tell you. I believe there are still great guys other there, in many markets of the United States. Remember, if you buy right and do not have to sell, you will always make money.

Effective Property Management Property Management can make or break your investment

A recent study by “The Property Management Journal,” found that only 3% of landlords really know how to effectively manage their properties. The other 97% manage by crisis, constantly reacting to problems, rather than planning, acting, and taking control for maximum profitability. Management, when handled properly, can be very rewarding and profitable.

Sure, management can be a headache, but the trick is to manage by planning, not by crisis. People often don’t get as excited, about management techniques and procedures, as they do about no-money-down deals, or terrific, new, creative, financing techniques.  But without effective management, the project might fail, and you may lose your shirt.

Even a once-in-a-lifetime bargain property, with all the potential in the world, can quickly turn into a sour investment if you don’t manage it properly. On the other hand, skillful management can convert some of the worst properties into gold mines.