Self-Direct IRA

Turn your IRA and pension into a wealth-building machine and secure your future while avoiding the legal hassles.

With a Self-Direct IRA you can invest your retirement funds when, where, and how you want. That allows you to create your financial future with the freedom to make choices with your retirement plans. Self-directed IRAs give you the unique ability to choose from a variety Investments, such as Real Estate, Tax Liens/ Tax/Deeds, Trust Deeds, and other investments. By diversifying your investments, you may protect and enhance your retirement.

What is a self-directed IRA?

The term “self-directed” simply means that you, as an individual, have complete control over selecting and directing your own individual retirement account or 401k investments. With a self-directed individual retirement account, you make all of the decisions regarding your investments. The self-directed IRA custodian or administrator completes the documents required to establish your account and purchase your investment.

What are the benefits of a self -directed IRA or real estate IRA?

The largest benefit of a self-directed IRA, is that you can invest in what you know. Period.

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